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An alternator provides power to the car’s electrical system and keeps the battery charged. Just like a hamster running on a wheel can power a lightbulb. The engine spins it via a belt to generate electricity. Learn more.


A timing belt (aka timing chain) is like a conductor in an orchestra, coordinating the precise movements of different engine components, ensuring they work together harmoniously.

Timing BeltTiming Belt

The fuel injector sprays the right amount of fuel into the engine at the right time. Just like a coffee machine pours the right amount of coffee into a cup at the precise time you need it. Learn more.

Fuel InjectorFuel Injector

The radiator regulates the temperature of the engine. Fluid flows through the engine and then into the radiator, which is cooled by air flowing over it, like a breath of cool air over a hot soup.


A spark plug ignites fuel in the engine by creating an electrical spark. Just like the spark that fires up your gas stove. Learn More.

Spark PlugSpark Plug

A car battery stores charge to start your vehicle. It acts like an alarm clock, waking up the engine when it’s time to hit the road. Learn More.

Car BatteryCar Battery

Like an energy drink helps you explode at the gym, ignition coils create a surge of electrical energy to send to the spark plugs, which ignites the fuel in the engine.

Ignition CoilsIgnition Coils

They do this by ramping up the voltage of the battery, and the surge of power gets sent to the spark plugs.

A muffler keeps the engine’s exhaust sound to a minimum. Just like ear plugs quieten the noise on a construction site.


Just like your wrist allows your hand to flex to turn a door handle, a CV (constant velocity) joint allows the transfer of power to the wheels, enabling them to move with the suspension.

CV JointCV Joint

Like a drummer controlling two arms that are playing different beats, the differential allows the inside and outside wheels to spin at different speeds, as they go around a corner. Learn More.


A head gasket works like an air-tight rubber seal on a jar, preventing engine oil and fluids from leaking into and out of the engine, whilst holding it all together under immense pressure and heat. Learn More.

Head GasketHead Gasket

Shock absorbers control and absorb the bouncing and movement of suspension springs, like a parent supporting a toddler on a trampoline so he doesn’t bounce away.

Shock AbsorbersShock Absorbers

Brake pads are like the toe stop on a roller skate, providing friction when squeezed between the brake rotor and caliper in order to slow down.

Brake PadsBrake Pads

They wear over time and eventually need replacing. Learn More.

Just like gates in a dam carefully control the flow of water, the valves either allow or block the flow of air, fuel or exhaust gases entering and leaving the engine.

Engine ValvesEngine Valves

A hubcap is like a fancy hat for your car’s wheels, offering style to the central part of the wheel, called the hub.


An exhaust pipe is like a chimney for a car, carrying the gases away from the vehicle and its occupants.

Exhaust PipeExhaust Pipe

Hazard lights are like flares for your car, sending out a warning signal to oncoming motorists, by flashing all blinkers.

Hazard LightsHazard Lights

A dipstick in a car is like a ruler for the engine's oil, allowing you to check its precise level.


A sump plug in a car is like a drain plug in a sink, serving as a removable component that allows for the controlled release of engine oil fluids during maintenance.

Sump PlugSump Plug

A tow bar is a metal tongue that sits on the end of the car with a ball attached, providing a secure connection for towing. It’s like a handshake between a vehicle and trailer.

Tow BarTow Bar

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